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Valerio Mazzoni


Valerio Mazzoni

Chemical Ecology Research Group

Sustainable Agro-Ecosystems and Bioresources Department

Research and Innovation Centre - Fondazione Edmund Mach

Via E. Mach 1, 38010 - S. Michele all’Adige (TN), Italia

Tel +39 0461 615 510

e-mail: valerio.mazzoni@iasma.it

Education and training

He took the degree in Agricultural Sciences in 2000 at the University of Pisa. In 2005 he held the PhD in Vegetable Production Sciences in the Department of Plant Protection at the University of Pisa, with a thesis on the ecology and taxonomy of Auchenorrhyncha insects. The title of the dissertion was: “Planthoppers and leafhoppers (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha and Cicadomorpha) in the vine agroecosystem: faunistic and bio-ethological investigation on the main ampelophagous species of the western Tuscany”. From 2006 to 2007, granted by the “Safecrop project” he moved to the National Institute of Biology of Ljubljana and started the study in arthropods Bioacoustics, with particular focus on vibrational communication.

Research activity

Valerio began his entomological activity as taxonomist of the Auchenorrhyncha insects group. He dedicated his early career in biodiversity subjects, especially in agroecosystem environments of Mediterranean lands. Nowadays, as FEM researcher, his activity involves several aspects of behavioural entomology, with particular concern to the communication of insects. Bioacoustics is the main field of study, and the mating communication by means of vibrational signals is the centre of his research activity. The characteristics of the signals, their transmission through plant tissues and the related insect behaviour are investigated in context of agricultural ecosystems. The ultimate goal is to invent and develop an innovative method of mating disruption by means of artificial vibrations.